Sevres French Porcelain Antique Cherub Putti Maiden Mantel Clock - 1860/1870's  SOLD

Antique French Cherub/Maiden Clock with what may be Sevres porcelain panels. Movement stamped “S. Marti et Cie Medaille de Bronze” in a circle. Samuel Marti was awarded the Bronze Medal in 1860.

 Movement incised with serial number 2457 a low number indicating to me that it dates to 1860’s early 1870’s. I am no clock expert; used following Internet link to estimate date of clock.
Samuel Marti et Cie were well known clock makers in Paris in the mid eighteenth century. In 1860 it's known that the premises were situated at Le Pays de Montbeliard and in 1863 Marti worked with two other well known clock maker's Roux and Japy Freres in promoting their clock movements.

Clock has what may be Sevres hand painted porcelain panels that are 100% free of chips, cracks or repairs. The dial is in remarkable condition for a clock going on 150 years. Most dials are chipped by the winding arbors and have loss to gold paint, paintings, and numbers as well as hairline cracks. Not the case here! The back of porcelain dial is signed several times in what looks like French followed by the number 2457 painted on it. I have provided a picture of the signatures for you to read as I cannot make out what it says.
The porcelain panels are done in Sevres celestie blue color background with hand painted cherubs on sides and a maiden in the center panel. Each panel is a miniature painting masterpiece; the contrast of colors picked in heaven.
The wonderful case is of gilded spelter. The back of the case is incised 6 P H MOUREY 72. P.H.Mourey put his name and numbers to the case of this wonderful French mantle clock. Maybe the 6 representing the month of June and 72 the year 1872? P.H. Mourey designed the case, while Samuel Marti, a foremost clock maker of the time, made the movement. Both at the top of their professions. This was the coming together of the "artist" and the “perfectionist clockmaker". Both French, both at their height of fame, and both superbly in tune with the desire for quality and design.
The clock movement is an 8 day time and strike that chimes on a bell every half and full hour. The clock has been serviced by a professional clock-smith and keeps perfect time. Like all antique French clocks it will need to be leveled and adjusted after shipping. Pendulum not original, key may be a replacement. The clock stands 12 1/4" tall, is 10 1/4" long, and 3 1/2" wide.
At almost 150 years old the clock does show signs of its passage through time. The gilding has darkened in places. The adorable Cherub/Maiden statue on top may have been painted long ago. There is an old repair by the screw on right front bottom panel by arrow in photo that you have to look for (does not show up in photo).
The adorable cherub/putti theme is of one posed forever gazing down over time into its eternal book of love making sure all the names of its loved ones have been written and ready to write more. 


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Sevres French Porcelain Antique Cherub Putti Maiden Mantel Clock 1860 - 1870's Antique French Cherub/Maiden Clock with what may be Sevres porcelain panels